What's the benefit of landscaping?
Proper and professional landscaping is the fastest and most effective way to increase the value of your home! A simple clean up of your yard will do wonders for the appearance of your home, and a professionally maintained property is a very valuable amenity.
What does landscaping include?
A typical landscaping service includes lawn mowing and maintenance as well as edging along planters, walls, curbs, trees, walk ways, and any other features. Landscaping services also include full cleanup of grass clippings and sweeping of the property.
Do you provide free estimates?
DeVault Landscaping is happy to provide a free estimate on your landscaping project. Visit the Contact Us page to fill out a form and get in touch with us. Based on property size, location, and services required, we will provide a cost estimate to you free of charge.
Do I have to maintain landscape?
DeVault Landscaping is happy to provide single service landscaping design or keep your property maintained for you indefinitely. Simply specifiy which service you require in the quote form and we will provide an accurate estimate to accommodate your needs.
What are the benefits of mulching and whats the best time?

It’s best to mulch every spring after a little spring cleanup before the perennials pop up. Mulching provides many benefits for your landscape. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture, is a natural barrier to weeds and prevents your plants from abnormally hot or cold days.

What do your seasonal cleanups include?

We offer annual spring and fall cleanups to keep your landscape looking pristine at all times. Our spring cleanup includes rakingĀ out leaves and debris from all shrub beds and then sweeping up driveways and walkways. We return in the fall to do the same with all the fresh fallen leaves and to make sure your yard is looking its best.

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